Achladies - Skiathos

'Skiathos' - Skiathos
'Skiathos' - Attribution: Dan Taylor

Achladies is one of the top destinations for families. It is located in a valley surrounded by hilly areas and is characterised by a known hotel. The beach has the same name as the village, meaning 'pear trees' in Greek. In the otherwise lovely village with the olive trees and the scent of fruit trees, there only a few permanent residents who live on tourism.

It forms a sheltered cove and it is fully organised with lots of facilities, luxurious hotels, bars and restaurants serving traditional Greek menus near the seashore. Its golden fine sand makes sunbathing the perfect activity, even though if you like water sports you might want to rent windsurfing and water skiing equipment from the water sports school on the beach. The village is only a few kilometers far from Skiathos Town and it is easily accessed by foot, car or bus and by the sea taxis which run regularly to and from the old port of Skiathos.

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