Kanapitsa - Skiathos

'Sporades' - Skiathos
'Sporades' - Attribution: ForsterFoto

Kanapitsa is another small resort near a beach with the same name which is in an ideal location, not far from Skiathos Town and only a thirty minute drive from the airport. Therefore if you are staying in Kanapitsa everything is at hand. Even though Kanapitsa has been very popular at times, it has managed to retain its authenticity without being too affected by the development in the region.

Its picturesque scenery together with its clear blue waters, the soft sand and the cute cove of Kalamaki, which is nearby, make Kanapitsa the perfect destination for families and those who prefer to spend a peaceful time on this lively island.

Accommodation options, such as hotels and studios, are located near the beach where you will also find taverns serving ouzo accompanied with delicious seafood. The beach is well-organised and good for swimming and water sports, like windsurfing, scuba diving and jet skiing. From here excursions to Skopelos and Tsougrias are organized as well as short cruises to adjacent beaches.

Just hop on a sea taxi and enjoy a romantic sunset on the way back to the old port of Skiathos!

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