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Skiathos Town
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Every island in Greece has its capital town, usually called “Chora”. The minute you arrive at the port of Skiathos Town, you realise the captivating beauty of the island. You feel charmed by the spell of the romantic atmosphere of the harbour with the view of the Bourtzi fortress and the mystical green surroundings. The island has a unique cosmopolitan character intertwined in harmony with the tourist attractions and the wild beauty of the nature.

Skiathos Town is the heart of the island. All major events and activities take place here. You will find a large number of restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and other facilities, such as tourist offices and car rentals to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The Town is also reputed for its lively nightlife with lots of young people arriving on the island from all over Greece and overseas to experience unforgettable holidays after graduating either high school or university.

The Town has 5000 residents, but the number of the population increases significantly during the summer months when people who are originally from Skiathos, but have moved to bigger cities for work, return for the summer. The majority of the population are in Skiathos Town, since the rest of the island is barely inhabited. The Town is located in the east part and its geographical position provides a sheltered, windless bay.

Walking down the streets of the Town is an excellent way to spend a relaxed evening on the island and familiarise yourself with its architecture and the locals’ way of living. The houses are small and simple, a combination of different styles influenced both by the typical architecture of the islands and the region of Mount Pelion, which dominates the closest mainland city, Volos. In Skiathos Town you will come across Papadiamantis house which operates as a museum. While walking on the pebbled streets of the town, you’ll be able to have a look at the souvenir shops or other retail stores jammed in Papadiamantis street. We suggest that you avoid moving around the narrow alleys of the town by car as it is almost impossible if not prohibited.

Apart from the main tourist attractions, such as the Bourtzi fortress or the castle of the Old Town, and the vivid nightlife, when you visit Skiathos Town, you could also attend some of the various cultural events which take place in the Town in the summer months. The municipality has been organising a cultural festival in the old school inside Bourtzi fortress, which takes place in July and August and is named after the famous story “A Dream On The Wave” by Alexandros Papadiamantis . It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Greek. Art is a “lingua franca” that everybody understands in their own way. At the beginning of September another event, called “Violin Days” is organised in honour of the sinking of submarine “Katsonis” during World War II. The history of the Town is associated with World War II. Back then it was bombed and destroyed by the Germans, but the strong spirit of the people of Skiathos survived and they managed to build it from scratch and thrive! These festivals are ideal for culture lovers who want to get acquainted with the Greek literary, musical and cultural traditions.

Skiathos Town is the centre of life on the island. Almost everything takes place here. Book a flight and come see for yourself!

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