Megali Ammos: Be as close to Skiathos Town as possible

Megali Ammos
'Megali Ammos Beach Skiathos Greece' - Skiathos
'Megali Ammos Beach Skiathos Greece' - Attribution: Kullez

Would you like to be as close to Skiathos Town as possible, but also enjoy the atmosphere of a tourist resort? Why not stay at one of the hotels and studios in Megali Ammos? The area is almost exclusively a summer resort with plenty of traditional or more modern guest houses and hotels. It is the nearest place to Skiathos Town and is easily accessed by foot as it is right next to the Town.

Megali Ammos in Greek means large sand. The name is indicative of the region with its sandy, soft beach extending for many metres along the shore. Due to its location, it is favoured by both locals and tourists who enjoy sunbathing and summer cocktails at the beach bars found here. Adopt a 'when in Greece' attitude and have your lunch at one of the many 'ouzeri' – the places where ouzo and small bites of food, called 'mezedes' are served. After going swimming to the clear waters of Megali ammos, enjoying a Greek style meal is by all means worthwhile! It should be followed by a Greek way nap time at the comfortable hotels and studios found right at the beginning of the beach. There is one for everyone’s budget.

The resorts are in such a convenient distance from Skiathos Town that you can go out at night and then go back to your room either by foot, bus or taxi without spending a lot of money. In the morning, you can either lie down on your sun lounger and perhaps have a rest after the hangover of the previous night or sign up for water sports at the water sports school which is said to be the most organised of the island. Bear in mind that Megali Ammos can get really busy and crowded especially in the high season, therefore if you prefer some privacy and tranquility, you might need to go to this beach another time. This doesn’t make your stay in Megali Ammos less convenient though, as buses run to other beaches regularly. Alternatively, you could hit two birds with one stone and try to go around the rocks towards the east side where there are no sun lounges and umbrellas and the beach is much quieter there.

Enjoy all the benefits of being so close to Skiathos Town and visit Megali Ammos. You will get the best accommodation and facilities in affordable prices without spending a penny for transportation!

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