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'koukounaries beach' - Skiathos
'koukounaries beach' - Attribution: Diego

Koukounaries is one of the few residential areas on the island apart from Skiathos Town. It is a small, relatively quiet, but pretty village located near the pine forest from which it took its name. Koukounaries in Greek is a colloquial, alternative name for pine trees. Its famous beach is very close to the village and its reputation as the best beach on Skiathos, the whole of Greece or even the Mediterranean has lead to the tremendous development of the region. There are 150 people living there permanently and are mostly involved in the travel industry.

If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Skiathos Town and you prefer a more alternative way to spend your holiday, Koukounaries might be the ideal destination for you. The various hotels and rooms to let found on the village can offer a wide selection of accommodation, ranging from luxurious hotels to simple, yet comfortable, rooms to let. Staying in Koukounaries will add quality to your holidays as you will connect with the nature and beauty of the surroundings, leaving all your problems behind and finding peace with yourself. It is ideal for families and nature lovers as well as for young people and adventurers.

Do you think that only Skiathos Town has facilities and stores? In Koukounaries, you will find many restaurants, taverns and snack bars to have lunch, dinner or a quick bite. As the village isn’t very big, everything is at a convenient distance. At the restaurants of the region, you can taste international dishes, traditional Greek menu and seafood. However, if you still want to experience the nightlife of Skiathos Town, just take one of the frequently running buses which connect the two places and you’ll be there before you know it. You can also call a taxi or rent a car.

Another privilege you’ll enjoy, if you choose to spend your holidays in Koukounaries, is that you’ll have the most amazing beach of the island at hand. The beach is well-organised, with sun loungers and umbrellas as well as with snack bars and kiosks to accommodate your basic needs. For the sporty travellers, there are water sports schools on the beach and we suggest you go scuba diving to explore the beautiful sea and share stunning pictures from your holidays in Greece with your friends. Alternatively, you could visit the wetland just behind the beach.

Koukounaries are waiting for you to explore them and enjoy their natural beauty and the hospitality of the locals!

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