Kolios - the beach with the name of a fish

'Kolios' - Skiathos
'Kolios' - Attribution: simon evans

Even if the origin of the name of the region is not known, Greek speakers can’t help it but associate the name with a small fish named 'kolios'. However, this beach has nothing to do with a fish.

It is more like a millpond surrounded by the forest. The use of the word millpond is not random since Kolios has a special morphology which keeps the beach well-protected by the strong winds, therefore the sea is as calm as a millpond. Even when there are huge waves in the rest of the coast, Kolios is peaceful. This feature makes the beach ideal for small children and the elderly as well as for anyone who likes swimming in crystal blue waters.

This impressive sandy beach is 8 kilometres far from Skiathos Town and has plenty of accommodation options, including a lot of luxurious studios and hotels. There are also taverns, snack bars and mini markets for the last minute shopping.

Visit Kolios to have a swim in a saltwater 'swimming pool'!

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Hotels and apartments in Kolios